Our Team

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Practice Managers

Lauren Cusano

Hailing from East Haven, Connecticut, Lauren moved here in 2014 after taking a cross country trip and falling in love with the Rapid City area. She has been working with animals since 2005 and has loved every second of it. Animal medicine is her true passion. She also enjoys painting, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Kippy Fuchs

Kippy attended National American University, and graduated with a Diploma in Veterinary Assisting in May 2008. Her intentions were to continue education into Veterinary Technology, but decided to join the Air Force. After a few years in the Air Force, she returned to Rapid City. In August 2013, she joined our staff here at All Creatures Veterinary Hospital. Kippy loves to spend time in the Black Hills with her husband, daughter, and 3 dogs.

Veterinary Technicians

Rachael Nelson

Rachael moved from Oregon to the Black Hills to be closer to family. Along for the trip were her two dogs: Lylah and Romeo, and an old cranky (but lovable) cat, Kitty. Shortly thereafter, she began attending National American University, obtaining an associate’s in Veterinary Technology. She completed her externship at All Creatures, and was then taken on as a new staff member, and she is extremely excited to be part of our team.

Mysti Wenzel

Mysti graduated from National American University in 2018 with an associates in Veterinary Technology. She has always loved animals, especially her two dogs Thor and Silver. She has lived in Rapid City for most of her life and enjoys spending time with her son and family, going to the lake, golfing, snowboarding, and enjoying the outdoors.

Megan Birdwell

A native of North Texas, Megan is a renaissance woman whose history includes five years in the United States Air Force as a munitions specialist. She’s been in the veterinary field since 2013 and is currently finishing up work on her veterinary technician degree, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance. Megan’s family includes her beautiful daughter, Paislee; her two cats, Hammi and QB; and her dog, Chunk.

Lauren Long

Lauren is a 2017 graduate of the Veterinary Technology program at National American University. She spent her summer externship at All Creatures Veterinary Hospital and is excited to permanently join the hospital staff as a technician. This is an exciting opportunity as it has been a lifelong dream of hers to work in the veterinary medicine field and assist in caring for pets of all sizes. All Creatures has allowed her to continue to grow within the field and obtain more hands-on training. Outside of caring for pets at the clinic, Lauren has several pets of her own which include a dog, two cats, and a snake.

Check-in Technicians

Morgan Sires

Morgan moved back to the Black Hills shortly after graduating High School. While contemplating furthering her education she was hired on at All Creatures. Here we are teaching her everything we can about animals and she is loving every second of it!

Amanda Borchert

Amanda is a recent BHSU graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a minor in Geology and Psychology. She is a future DVM applicant and is soaking up all the knowledge she can in the veterinary field for now! She has always had a passion for helping animals. Amanda and her husband currently have four cats and one dog. Amanda enjoys hiking, dog training for search and rescue and is also an aquarium enthusiast!

Veterinary Assistants

Kelly Olson

Kelly is a colorful individual who is passionate about everything she does. Previously an Esthetician and current Youtuber, Kelly dropped everything and decided to pursue a career with animals! She has a soft spot for all poodle mixed dog breeds but loves working with animals of all kinds, and will be attending school for Veterinary Technology in the fall. Kelly, her husband, and their two dogs spend free time hiking, camping, and enjoying all things nature.


Jessie Orth

Jessie grew up in the Black Hills and graduated in 2011 as a veterinary assistant. She loves all animals, and practiced as an assistant for 7 years, but currently she is working as a receptionist. Jessie has two teenage daughters, Jada and Jerikah, and several animals—a Chihuahua named Bruce Willis and her Catahoula named Tegan.

Cass Dwyer

Cass Dwyer is a mother of two and a receptionist for Dr. Falcon at All Creatures Veterinary Hospital. She loves animals and has always wanted to work with them one way or another. Cass has lived in Rapid City the majority of her life and she is also an artist who has sold a few paintings in town but lately she just focuses on her kids and job, which she loves.